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Pat. No. US 63/188, 165

 Veteran Owned Business

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Rake in Tampere, Finland

Veterans & Family and First Responders -
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10% Savings On All our Tools

Gutter Cleaning Tools
1 or 2 or even 3 stories

1-2 Story Gutter Tool - $69.95
Tool expands to 17 feet

1 Story Gutter Tool - $49.95
Tool expands to 10 feet

Heading 1

1-2-3 Story Gutter Tool - $99.95
Tool expands to 23 feet

 Plus Shipping & Handling

USA Made Tools!!*

All components from USA Distributors and Suppliers.

"J' tube is proprietary (design patent applied for) component and manufactured by Midwest USA certified machinists and all our tools are made and assembled by high quality craftsmen.

Tools created by the best craftsmen, tradesmen, machinists and other professionals in the Midwest USA.


Ft. Wayne IN Home & Garden Show
Feb. 29 - Mar. 3  2024

Ice Melting0000.bmp

Ice Melting

Recent Ladder Statistics:

*Half-A-Million (500,000) falls from ladders annually     *164,000 emergency room-treated injuries annually     *300 deaths per year     *Most ladder deaths are from 10 feet or less

Our Customers in the USA, *Canada and Europe think our 

gutter tool is "One of the Best Products they've owned."

*Canadian customers may also be charged an Import/Custom Fee

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