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In 1996...

I was looking for a solution to cleaning my gutters on our 2 story home, without leaving the ground.  After several ideas were put on paper, I narrowed it down to this!  I created a product from pieces at a local hardware store and tried it out.  Several neighbors watched as I stood on the ground and proceeded to take off the chicken wire fencing, other guards and cleaned out my gutters from the 2nd story and 1st story.

We have gone through several revisions to the final produvt today.  Our 1-2 story gutter cleaning tool (the Bailey Pro) TM has been sold and accepted all over the world. Customers are using our product in the USA, Canada, Ireland and Finland.

It is a professional tool which should last a lifetime.  We have mastered the tooling for the Bailey Pro and it has a design that has been used for: cleaning gutters, melting ice in gutters, putting up Christmas lights in trees, washing windows, spraying/misting flowers, picking fruit from trees and much more.

For 20 years we have supplied houses, schools, businesses and churches with a product they cannot be without. We are proud to back our tool with a 60 day Money back guarantee.


Do you provide International delivery?

We have sold our tool in Europe (Ireland, Finland) and into Canada.  We can provide an idea on shipping to other countries.  But, we do NOT know the charges for customs in Canada and other countries.



How do I return an item?


Please keep the shipping carton, or cartons, that the product comes in.  If you need to ship it back, the box will work best for you.



What is your returns policy?


If there is a defect in our product, by all means return it.  If you need a replacement part, we can get that to you too.  We have a 60 day Money Back Guarantee.  It does NOT apply to shipping costs, which you will have to pay for.

Gutter Cleaning
How do I track my order?


You can track your order through whomever the carrier is we use.  UPS or the USPS (U.S. Postal Service) or FEDEX should have an online system of tracking.



How can I contact your couriers?


You can contact the couriers through the email that they will send you regarding your shipment.



What are your delivery options?


We have used several couriers in the past.  However, we seem to have been using UPS primarily, for shipping regionally and internationally (at this time).  


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