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The Essentials of Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are the conduits that carry rainwater horizontally through the roof. Due to their position, they receive a lot of garbage that can clog the gutters and vertical downspouts. These include leaves, twigs, dust, dirt, bird droppings such as pigeon nests and other elements of nature which can endanger the proper functioning of this structure. All the gutters must be cleaned, removing all solid elements so it is free of materials that can cause blockages, clog vertical downspouts, cause leaks and moisture on the roofs.

Checking downspouts and elbows of water gutters

Once the gutters have been cleaned, the roofing company will proceed to check that the downspouts and vertical water elbows are not clogged. This gutter cleaning assessment is essential in most cases, especially due to problems associated with the accumulation of natural elements. This would be done by hosing it down. Due to the inclination of the roofs, the cleaning of gutters must be carried out with protective material and safety anchors.

Waterproofing of gutters

It is recommended in many cases to apply waterproofing at the base of the gutters to prevent leaks, since small fissures or cracks are usually found where rainwater seeps through, causing it to drip or leak. These fissures or cracks in many cases are small; therefore in order to make an economic valuation for the problem, the gutters should be cleaned beforehand.

Roof Ridges

The waterproofing process will be the same as that carried out during gutter cleaning where the state of the roof ridges will be checked. Likewise, the condition of the tiles will be checked in case they need to be placed correctly if they are displaced. In addition, broken or loose tiles should be repaired. If necessary, a roofing company would carry out a diagnosis of the situation and provide a no-obligation budget. This type of waterproofing work is usually not expensive and it saves roofing problems in the future.


To avoid waste accumulation problems and prevent clogging in gutters and downspouts, frequent gutter cleaning is necessary. Do not neglect the maintenance and washing of your gutters for a long time. If you do, then it is possible that the accumulation of leaves and different debris will result in clogging of the gutters. It will even cause the formation of vegetation inside. It is necessary to locate and remove them properly and as soon as possible to ensure proper operation of your gutters. Want to avoid leaks and clogs in your roof? It is ideal that you hire a roof or gutter cleaning company to get the job done right for you.

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