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This tool comes in 2 packages. This gutter tool will extend approximately 22 feet. Holding it waist to shoulder high, you should be able to reach 26-27 feet.  It will allow you to rake and dig out the main debris, just like our other unit, and then flush the remainder to the downspouts.

Gutter Cleaning Pro 123 Tool

SKU: gcp1003
  • The 1-2-3 story gutter cleaning tool is made with the same fine materials as our other unit:  aluminum telescoping pole (from 8-21 ft), our "J" tube thick walled pvc attachment, vinyl tubing throughout the whole unit, a water valve that attaches to your garden hose and a powder coated, spring wire rake to dig out debris.

  • We have a 60 day money back guarantee with all of our products. If you are not happy and satisfied with our product, please return it to us for a refund. You will be responsible for the shipping cost to return. Please keep all boxes and cartons with our tool. There are 2 cartons with this product.

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