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The Gutter Cleaning Pro Tool is a lightweight (4 lbs.) tool which will allow you to telescope and expand to clean 1 or 2 story homes. The pole extends approximately 17 feet and with you holding it waist high, you should be able to reach the 2nd story with no problem. (the house pictured has eaves that are about 16 feet high).

1-2 Story Gutter Cleaning Tool

SKU: GCP-1001
$79.95 Regular Price
$71.96Sale Price


  • Our tool is professionally made, with durable products like aluminum pole, hard plastic pvc, a hand made powder coated rake to extract debris and vinyl tubing with adapters for your garden hose to attach and flush out all sorts of debris. We have also used our tool putting up Xmas or holiday lights, drop salt pellets in gutters to melt ice, dig small trees out, pick fruit from trees and attach a window washing tool.

  • We have a 60 day guarantee of our product. If you are not completely satisfied with our tool, please ship it back to us.  It is important to keep your box that the tool came in, for that specific purpose.  You will have to pay for the return shipping of our product.

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